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I’ll meet your obligations

If that’s what turns you on

Not looking for a stranger on the run

I’m easily blinded by guardian angels

Stuck in the back of my head

I’m morally abused

I’m out of here there’s no time to loose


Paint me a picture of blissful delight

And I’ll follow you

Paris by night, and I’m standing in line for your love

Make me a habit, a vision of lust, just too good to be true

I’ll be the one to heal your broken heart


You’re way beyond my comfort zone

I’m way beyond my pride

A soothing invitation to this crime

You’ve wasted your glory in too many faces

A fact I can hardly deny

Your love, still out of reach

But knowing you you’ll be on your knees


Paint me a picture of blissful delight…


I’m stranded on an empty bed

A prisoner of the night

Your fatal wounds still lingering inside

You´ve cast a spell on my trembling soul

Our minds still worlds apart

And I’ll be on my way

I’m just waiting for the break of day


Paint me a picture of blissful delight…


Paint me a picture of blissful delight…


Visions of lust

Visions of lust





© Vegar L. Nesset/Tekira Music 2011


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